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Woody Williams and Mike Matheny battle it out for title of best hitter. The line so far:

Williams: .250/.315/.417/.732
Matheny: .266/.330/.361/.691

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- (7/11/2003 04:37:00 PM))/font>

morris' velocity last night was WAY down. fastballs in the mid 80s. breaking stuff in 70s. it's a terrible sign, i think. what do we do now? tell us, oh wise baseball sage!

-- Mark Gunn of Redbird Nation.

First off I enjoyed seeing my name connected in any way with "wise baseball sage" much more than is likely healthy. Second off Who would I not want to get hit by?. Ray Lankford no question, do you remember what he did to Darren Daulton?

What to do indeed.

I wrote that on friday morning and spent the weekend thinking about it. I had been thinking that the Cardinals should trade Edmonds. The theory being that he would be worth enough that he could bring the Cardinals the pitcher they needed and a prospect or two to stock the farm system. As a bonus his $8.3 million dollar salary would be gone and the Cardinals could pick up a starter when teams dump money. But then I looked at Edmonds contract and realized that it has 3 more full years at very good money left on it, given his frailty and his age it's likely the Cardinals couldn't get enough value from trading him to make it worth it. If the Cardinals get an offer he is a player they should consider letting go, he's a fantastic player, no question. But he is also approaching the tail end of his career, and at the end of that contract he's more likely to be a hinderance to the Cardinals than a help. Imagine for a second if that contract was for 1 more year though. Carlos Beltran for the rest of the year or Edmonds for that plus an extra year? The riches teams could throw at them.... He's tradeable right now, but the bounty of loot would be depressed enough that the Cardinals are probably better off keeping him and hoping he ages well.

Looking at Edmonds contract though got me to looking at other Cardinals contracts and I noticed something:

Player: Contract Ends Last year value
Mike Matheny 2004 $2.75M
Matt Morris 2004 $12.5M
Eli Marrero 2004 $1.2M
Tino Martinez 2004 $7M
Edgar Renteria 2003 $6M (There are two options on Renteria's contract, but I can't find out who holds them)
Fernando Vina 2004 $4.5M (this is a team option year)
JD Drew 2003 $4.5M (Is Drew a free agent after this year or do the Cards get one more shot at arbitration?)
Woody Williams 2004 $8M (There is a team option after this year)

The only players the Cardinals have signed longer than that are Rolen and Edmonds. Pujols' rights are theirs for the next three years, Izzy has 2005, plus an option. That's $46 Million dollars the Cardinals can clear off at the end of the 2004 season. Doesn't help much this year, but it is nice to know that flexibility is on the horizon.

This year though? Who knows, the only real option the Cards have is to deal Drew, but his limited playing time is really hurting his trade value. It may turn out that the Cardinals have no options.


- (7/10/2003 09:50:00 PM))/font>

Is it safe at this point to say Morris is not OK?

5 innings, 10 hits, 2 walks, and two strike outs. He gave up a .455 average on balls in play, which is by at least some measure luck on the Dodgers part, but the 2 walks against 2 K's in 5 innings is certainly not what you would expect from Morris at his peak. He gave up 1 double and 9 singles. It was a bad outing sure, but it looks worse than it actually was.

Adrian Beltre: "His control was good, but his velocity was a little bit down,"

Morris threw 56 of 93 pitches for strikes, a not particularly good number, but it doesn't really tell us much, if his velocity was off it's very possible he was trying to stay out of the zone to avoid getting hammered. If anybody happened to see the game and had a read on his velocity I'd really appreciate an email (joshschulz@yahoo.com) letting me know how it went. If velocity was on then it could have been a simple case of rust coupled with some bad luck, but if his velocity was off it's a very ominous start.


- (7/09/2003 05:19:00 PM))/font>

Hart walked and Ishii struck out Edmonds and Pujols before Rolen singled to score the run. I love the lineup with Edmonds second followed by Pujols and Rolen. It's much better than putting a light hitter second just because that's how it's usually done.


- (7/08/2003 09:45:00 PM))/font>

Bo Hart update time. In the last 7 days Harts line has been .259/.333/.333/.667, which is probably closer to his true level of ability. There are minor encouraging signs in there though. Hart has walked 4 times all year (85 at bats), but he's had 2 of those in the last 27 at bats, meaning his plate discipline has improved as he's cooled off. It's also worth noting that none of the Cardinals hit much last week, what with 3 one run showings against the Giants in their last 7 games (plus another the game before that).

I continue to search for signs that he can hold this. There's enough there that I still have a flicker of hope.


- (7/08/2003 10:25:00 AM))/font>

What do the Giants do?

Albert Pujols OPS in 5 games against the giants this year is .345.
Jim Edmonds clocks in with a .619.
The highest for a regular is Tino's .885.

I know it's a pitchers park but they've only played one game there this year. Who knows, in only 5 games it's a big piece of luck mostly, but an irritating kind of luck.

I missed the weekly recap this week, because I had visitors all weekend. My parents and brother came into town to spend the weekend on the beach and away from the Phoenix heat. The good news is we did get to watch all of the games on WGN (thanks TiVo!). When I was young me and my dad spent every 4th of July in St. Louis. For a few years the Dodgers were in town on that weekend. In Phoenix in the late 70's early 80's the Dodgers games were carried on the radio so my dad had a slight affinity for the Dodgers. It made the games a little extra fun. In 1987 we saw a double header on July 7th and another the next day, and the Cardinals won all 4 games. One of those games featured a rain delay (I think it was the second game on the 7th) and we were there until 3 am. It was nice to sit around and watch some Cardinals baseball with my dad.