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Woody Williams and Mike Matheny battle it out for title of best hitter. The line so far:

Williams: .250/.315/.417/.732
Matheny: .266/.330/.361/.691

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More on Ray Lankford - (1/22/2004 01:07:00 PM))/font>

Rich Hummel has An Article on Ray Lankfords resigning. It's cautiously optomistic.

Jeff Gordon has this blurb in a 'Gordo's Zone' mailbag " I, too, laugh at the Lankford tryout".

You know what I laught at? Never mind, don't bash stupid goofy looking columnists who go by the name 'Gordo' in their late 30's. I'm above that.

Instead I'd like to talk about an email that I got from Jim Jeffers (I'm chopping the email up to talk about different pieces of it, everything in italics is Jim's):

im glad to see im not the only one happy that ray-ray
is back. from 1990 to mid way through 1997 (mcgwire)
he was the best player on that team.

With a bullet. In 1996, when Brian Jordan was the toast of the town and finished 8th in MVP voting his OPS was .832 playing mostly right field. Ray Lankfords was .852 playing mostly center field.

yes, he got older, fatter and hurt alot from 97-02 but as a
platoon leftfielder i think he could be an offseason
steal. a rich man's eddie perez, he can play every
outfield spot as well.

Lankford OPS by year, post 96 (games played in paranthess)
1997 .996 (133)
1998 .931 (154)
1999 .873 (122)
2000 .875 (128)
2001 .849 (131) traded to the padres midway
2002 .682 (81)

Lankford Career High in OPS was 1997, He followed up with a strong 1998. Carlos Beltran's OPS last season? .911. Of course in 99 Ray moved out of Center into Left field. Last year an .849 OPS in left field would have ranked him 11th in the Majors. Think about that. A season which would have been 10th best left fielder in the Majors this year got Ray Lankford traded away to the Padres as a failure. Was he bad in 2002? Yes. But looking at that sequence of numbers isn't it obvious which of them is out of place? Has Lankford been deteriorating? yes, but that quickly? Probably not.

the post had him working out in
the carribean when the cards found him. if he comes
back in shape and at 50% of the peak ray-ray he is a

The article also mentioned that he had the same pataller tendonitis that McGuire and Drew had, both of whom needed time to heal their legs. Now that he's had that time what's to say he's not going to resume his career path?

people never realized how good he was as a
cardinal until the "ill get my own operation" deal or
forget. im not a fan of the strikeout and he does k

I think Ray had two problems in St. Louis. First he was overshadowed by McGuire. He had good years while McGuire was there but in comparison he suffered. Second is that Ray strikes out. A Lot. And Tony and St. Louis have had a hard time seeing past that to recognize his value.

but if he can hit 250 as a pinch hitter or force
a lefty into the game for another righty.... or play
twice a week in left or right... getting over 150 ab's
people will see my point.

I agree, look at who he's replacing:
Orlando Palmiero .683 OPS. Ray was at about that level in his worst year during a major injury. The difference is Orlando struck out a lot less frequently than Ray will. But if fans can look past the strikeout they should realize that Ray is not only better than they thought, but an improvement on what they had last year.

Jim Jeffers

Thanks for writing Jim! Let me apologize for quoting you and then ripping up your sentance structure arbitrarily so I could inject at random points.