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Woody Williams and Mike Matheny battle it out for title of best hitter. The line so far:

Williams: .250/.315/.417/.732
Matheny: .266/.330/.361/.691

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Somethign To Think About - (1/30/2004 10:09:00 AM))/font>

Over at USS Mariner there's a running discussion about trading for Carlos Beltran

The money quote:
The offer I came up with was Winn, Justin Leone, Jose Lopez, and Rett Johnson for Beltran. If Baird mentions Rafael Soriano, you hang up the phone. Players like Soriano just don't get traded, and there's no reason to give him up.

I've started to think that the Jocketty should call up the Mariners and make an offer:
Jim Edmonds for Winn and Soriano.

Everybody knows that the Mariners recently got a $9 million dollar windfall. Everybody also knows that the Cardinals are trying to sign Albert Pujols to a long term deal. Jim Edmonds is one of the best center fielders in the Majors, but like Branch Rickey said "better to trade em a year to early than a year to late". But he's 33, and last year he played in 137 games. He's getting older, and he is injury prone. He just had his best year at the plate in his career. His value will never be higher. He'll make $9 million this year, $10 million in 2005, and $12 million in 2006.

The Cardinals could use the money freed up to offset the Pujols contract. They need a Center fielder, so they have to take Winn (or suffer a year of Robinson as a starter in Center). Because of Winn's contract they might get some cash out of the deal as well. Soriano has been well documented by the USS Mariner crew, A young talented pitcher who could make the Major League rotation is something the Cardinals desperatly need.

VORP last year:
Edmonds 54.3
Winn 25.2
Soriano 25.1

Going forward if Soriano starts he's likely to be better than that, while Edmonds is kind of a wildcard. He could repeat that number, play 10 more games next year and surpass it, or tank completely (I wonder what PECOTA thinks?). This is a decent deal for both teams. The Mariners pick up a premier offensive talent, the Cardinals get a young pitcher and save some money. It's a pretty straightforward now vs later: In the short term the Mariners get better, but in the long term the Cardinals get better (money room, and Soriano getting better).

Would the Mariners take it? Maybe. They do undervalue Soriano, and Edmonds is a big shiny toy that would address one of their weaknesses. But the same reasons the Cards want to trade him work against them trading him. As for the Cardinals they would have to work hard to sell this deal as 'look how good Soriano is' and 'Now Pujols is locked in for sure'.

My personal feeling is that getting rid of Edmonds contract (which I think is going to be a millstone the last two years of the deal) and getting Soriano make the pain next year worth it. This is a rebuilding move for the Cards for sure, but it's not one that sinks their hopes completely next year.


Busch? - (1/28/2004 11:13:00 AM))/font>

Baseball Musings Post about the names of Ball Parks. Last night me and my wife were shopping for some Cardinals gear and we took some time to look at the new stadium. But I saw no mention of the name of the stadium. I assume they'll sell the rights for millions of dollars. But I wonder if Anhueser Busch could be persuaded to plunk down the $300 million or so for the naming rights, and make it Busch II. It's right up their alley advertising wise, and it would be the kind of feel good PR move that would benefit everybody.

I can't imagine not going to busch stadium, I don't want to take my daughter to her first game at SuperHyperGlobalNet Ballfield.

Maybe this Busch II meme will get going and the Cardinals Organization will step up and make it happen.


C.R.E.A.M. - (1/26/2004 12:24:00 PM))/font>

Two blog entries around today about money:
Aaron Gleeman weighs in about free agents and Redbird nation Weighs in about Pujols Negotiations.

Hell, even if he is flat-broke, without a penny to his name, is there really enough of a difference between $20 million over 3-4 years and $40 million over four years? Are millions 21 through 40 really enough to make you go to work everyday at a job you don't enjoy as much as you would somewhere else?

Yes. God Yes. That's $20 million dollars. That's enough money that IRod's (Aarons talking about Ivan Rodriguez's search for a team) kids kids can not worry about working. Let's flip it around: What kind of selfish bastard would choose to spend 4 years of his life playing in a slightly better enviorment and throw away the $20 million dollars that would benefit multiple generations of his children. What kind of man would do that to his children?

Redbird Nation
Now, lastly, suppose that the citizens of your hometown -- the ones who have a lot invested in the company -- consider you greedy for trying to make as much money as you can. 42% of them tsk-tsk you, say you're acting like "just another superstar" for seeking your market value

You should read the entire post because Brain nails the issue so perfectly.

All this whining about selfish ball players is coming from a society that shops at wal mart to save 10 cents and destroys small businesses in the process. A society that ruined american automotive manufacturing because they'd like to save a little money on labor. A society that in the face of scarce petrochemical resources buys the most gigantic land behemoths they can because it's convienent and safe for them (but they endanger everybody else on the road due to the hieght and weight of the vehicles). This same culture of excess and greed can all gather around sanctamoniously because some baseball player has the nerve to try to be paid what the market will allow.

It bothers me.

I think Albert himself said it best. I'll have to paraphrase since I can't find a link but basically he said: Why should I take a lower salary for the team? The team has no problem trading away JD Drew when he made too much money, or not signing Eduardo Perez because he might make too much money, and if I sign here for less what's to stop them from dumping me off and then I end up playing in tampa for less than market value?

The loyalty doesn't go both ways, because if it did Fernando Vina would still be here. And Pujols is right to recognize that and try to get the maximum value for his services that he can.